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H2 / O2 analyzers

stable cable

Meggitt Safety Systems

SiO2 cable products

Meggitt cables are manufactured using a unique wet extrusion process to ensure reliable performance. We offer a variety of configurations including:

  • Coaxial
  • Triaxial, Twinax, and twisted pair
  • Thermocouple
  • Multiconductor (2-22 conductors)
  • Flame and Fire Resistant
  • Hermetic Multipin Connectors
  • Hermetic Coaxial Connectors
  • Various material types for outside jacketing
  • Various material types for inner conductors

Meggitt Safety Systems SiO2 cable is ideally suited for applications where high reliability and electrical stability are critical, such as:

SiO2 cable is mechanically rugged and can endure the most hostile environments without significant performance degradation.

SiO2 cabling offers tremendous advantages including reduced bend radius, light weight, and superior mechanical durability under high stress conditions.

Meggitt cable assemblies will provide rated performance in severe environments. The cables operate reliably when exposed to extremely low and high temperatures (cryogenic to +2400°F), gamma radiation, and high power RF conditions.

Meggitt cable provides extremely stable performance. The materials are radiation hardened and are thermally stable. Phase and insertion loss are minimally affected even in a cable that has temperature differences of hundreds of degrees from one end to the other. Our stainless steel jacketed cable operates from near absolute zero to 1000C.

Our SiO2 cable can easily be hand-formed in the field, or we will precision form the cable for "drop-in" installation. Meggitt’s metal-jacketed, mineral insulated cables use significantly less space than flexible PTFE cables with the same electrical performance. The smaller outer diameter of SiO2 cable and the very tight bend radii enable smaller package size, and easier routing.





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