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H2 / O2 analyzers

stable cable

Meggitt Safety Systems

SiO2 cable — high reliability cable systems

Meggitt Safety Systems has further exploited the highly reliable SiO2 cable for applications which require truly fireproof and robust performance. The SiO2 cable is currently used in several turbine engine instrumentation and accessory control applications including fire detection, EGT’s, ignition and fan clearance monitoring.

Silicon Dioxide Technology Applications

  • High Insulation resistance (IR) at high temperatures
  • Stable capacitance at high temperatures
  • Stable impedance at high temperatures
  • Light weight and volume
  • Cost efficient
  • Bend radius of less than 3 times the cable diameter as low as 0.141"
  • Can be fitted with a large variety of industrial and RF connectors

Silicon Dioxide Technology in PWR Applications

Silicon Dioxide Technology in BWR Applications


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