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Meggitt Safety Systems

Appendix R fireproof cable

With an increasing emphasis on loss prevention and fire safety, the need for reliable operation of emergency shutdown systems has never been greater. When a critical system fails to operate as designed, a small flash fire can rapidly grow in intensity. Within five minutes temperatures can reach above 2000F producing disastrous results. It is vital that personnel and equipment in areas where the possibility of a flash fire exists be protected to ensure minimal downtime and to avoid loss of valuable resources or life.

Meggitt Safety Systems (MSSI) in collaboration with Progress Energy and Southern Nuclear has successfully completed another series of Appendix R qualification tests on several configurations of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) insulated, stainless steel jacketed cable assemblies. The tests were conducted in accordance with US NRC Generic Letter 86-10, Supplement 1 and included a 1-hour and 3-hour ASTM E-119 fire exposure and subsequent hose stream test.

Tested for three hours above 2000°F and in accordance with ASTM E-119, our fireproof cable proves the reliability that may make the difference between an orderly shutdown and a major catastrophe. SI2400 fire cable is constructed in a number of configurations.

Each of the cables tested is identically constructed with Ni/Cu conductors, SiO2 dielectric material surrounding the conductors, and sheathed in a thin wall stainless steel tube. Test cables were configured with a factory installed splice that was included in the fire zone. The MSSI cables are easily mounted with standard cable clamps and do not require installation in conduit nor is any external thermal insulation required to meet Appendix R requirements.

Electrical measurements taken during the course of the test included Meggering at 500 volts, DC resistance of the conductors, and insulation resistance. Insulation resistance, the most critical of the cable characteristics ranged from 1012 ohms at room temperature and 106 ohms at the maximum test temperature of 1950°F. There was clearly no loss of cable integrity at any time during the test period. The electrical characteristics of each cable returned to pre-test levels.

Meggitt (formerly Whittaker) has been supplying SiO2 insulated cables for nuclear plant applications since the early 80s and are in use in more than 80 plants globally. Cable applications include in-core instrumentation, thermocouples, power and control functions in both 1E Safety Related and non-1E functions. Meggitt operates under an Appendix B Quality Assurance Program and is ISO 9000 certified for these products. As such, cables can be provided as Appendix R qualified as well as 1E Safety Related certified.

SI2400 Fire Cable is designed to provide continuous power and control signals throughout even the most severe high temperature incidents. The cable has been tested at Southwest Research Institute under load per UL 1709 and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) for three hours above 2100F. In addition, the cable was subjected to 1 hour and 3 hour test by UL in accordance with the requirements of E-119. These tests effectively demonstrate the reliability that may make the difference between an orderly shutdown and a major catastrophe. SI2400 is the most cost effective and reliable electrical cable system available in the world.

  • Exceeds requirements for UL 1 hour and 3 hour fire rating to ASTM E-119
  • CSA Approved, Class I, Class II and Class III, all groups
  • Complies with NEC 501-4(a)
  • Independently tested over 2100ºF by Southwest Research Institute
  • Stainless, Incoloy or other sheaths available upon request



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